hero kaclang

Kaclang: 6: 5: 15% (falling) Encases the Hero in metal and makes him impervious to both damage and knockback for a period of time, but also prevents him from taking any action. It was first introduced in Dragon Quest III, and was originally available only to the hero class. Magic Burst - Once of the most infamous moves in Hero’s kit, Magic Burst is an immensely helpful tool for securing early kills. Kaclang is randomly available through the Hero's Down-B move, Command Selection. Hero’s full list of Command Selection spells, ranked. Snooze - Snooze is a fantastic tool for getting a devastating punish against the opponent, held back only by its slow speed and mediocre range. The only thing that saves it from being garbage is its huge hitbox and 11 frame duration gives it legitimate use for 2-framing and ledge-trapping, while in those situations it can actually work at a decent rate when the opponent will likely be significantly damaged at that point and it's a lot less punishable if it fails. Ground Attacks; Aerial Attacks; Special Attacks; Grabs / Throws; Dodges / Rolls; Misc Info; Hitbox Images: Choose Another Character ; Ground Attacks. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kaclang is a spell in the Dragon Quest series.

I wish Heal could be more substantial, or have different levels, like Midheal and Moreheal from Dragon Quest. It is naturally learned by the DarkCrab, EvilBeast, EyeBall, MetalKing, Tortragon and WhipBird. As such, I have moved Flame Slash up to the same tier. The problem is that this is a tier list for the competitive scene, in which Hocus Pocus is generally regarded as being a poor option. I'd definitely put Sizzle in S-tier. Affects the whole party. Wait what small nerf does oomph apply to hero? I can see where you’re coming from, though. Watch Queue Queue. Though the increase to received knockback is an issue, it makes sense given the context of the move, and can be worked around with proper knowledge of the move’s properties. Edit: I just looked it up and TIL that I makes hero take more damage. I once was in a 2v1 after my partner had died, and I managed to pull off the win thanks to an early Thwack KO (and a random Hatchet Man, lol). Seriously.

C - Flame Slash - Not quite as good as Kacrackle Slash but still somewhat effective in a pinch, Flame Slash’s main use is to secure KO’s against an approaching opponent that thinks they can get in a free hit while the menu is open. Kaclang literally does nothing except put you in a position to get punished. As a result, many spells have drastically moved through the tiers, while others have stayed the same. Thwack is substantially better than Whack, since it has a deceptively large hitbox that stays active for a long time. 8 4 National Hero Kazap: 40 Enemy group Calls down powerful thunderbolts on a group of enemies. While that doesn’t seem very high, it is unfortunately a bit much considering that Hero can usually just use Woosh instead for a more reliable recovery.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. It also makes the Hero ditto extremely fun, and challenges opponents to think outside the box with their gameplay, earning it a jump into A-tier. Introducing: Koolio’s Command Selection Tier List Ver.

Bounce - Highly situational yet highly effective, Bounce can make or break a match-up against projectile-heavy characters like Mega Man and the Belmonts. Psyche Up - Easily the best of Hero’s buffing moves, Psyche Up essentially makes every melee move in Hero’s kit into a kill move, allowing him to KO about 40% earlier if used properly. My name is Koolio, and I’m a proud Hero main. F - Kaclang - A free punish for the opponent when used on stage, and instant death when off stage, Kaclang is a terrible move that will only get you killed, especially when against a character with good punish options or another Hero player. They have great range and are very fast, making them great tools for chasing down a fleeing opponent. It goes without saying that Hero is a fun character to play as, all thanks to his unique MP mechanic. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Don't be fooled by the flair, I'm a Rex main. Kaboom and the other non-down specials are just really good and useful all the time. It goes without saying that Metal Slash should also never be used, except when your opponent is somehow dumb enough to use Kaclang. It is also plenty powerful in its own right, giving Hero a boost to his power when using melee attacks and his side-special. However, in a free for all, especially with Smash Meter on, I have come to realize that Kaclang may actually have some uses, albeit incredibly situational ones. Bounce - Highly situational yet highly effective, Bounce can make or break a match-up against projectile-heavy characters like Mega Man and the Belmonts. And I’ve gotten KO’s with it quite often when playing Hero.

It also does a whopping 30% of damage, and can spread to hit other nearby opponents, while also being cheaper to cast. Kaclang - A free punish for the opponent when used on stage. There are a few characters that can stall out the Magic Burst, but the vast majority of the cast is going to get hit and die. It has great range, insane damage and kill power, and even has a windbox that sucks in anyone who tries to dodge it. Unless they have no projectiles at all, you really can’t go wrong with Bounce as a choice. Trying to fish for an early kill with Thwack is like throwing out a Dedede f-smash, but being even more punishable, doing nothing to shields, and you know, not actually killing most of the time even if you did hit the opponent. That is correct. It goes without saying that Metal Slash should also never be used, except when your opponent is somehow dumb enough to use Kaclang. Oomph - Oomph is Psyche Up’s partner in crime, making quick work of any unsuspecting shield when used in tandem.

Kaclang is a spell which renders the recipient invulnerable, but also unable to act. I think I agree with most of this. My name is Koolio, and I’m a proud Hero main. Kaboom - The top spot for projectiles in Hero’s kit goes to Kaboom, and it isn’t even close.

It also doesn’t have super armor, unlike Byleth’s Aymr, so a stray attack will just cancel the move entirely. Hatchet Man - Hatchet Man is a hilarious move and one of the best punishing tools in the game, but unfortunately it is very situational, and most opponents at higher levels will be able to avoid it without much issue. The fact that Hero can still take an action on the way down is icing on the cake, making Zoom a much more helpful tool than meets the eye.

Smashes can be charged for 3 seconds, kaclang lasts 5 seconds. Finally, its power is relatively underwhelming, due to how drastic the knockback scaling on the move is as the amount of MP used decreases. It is also used by Peepers in battle.

Metal Slash > Kaclang IMO, but only because it has a useful application of some sort. And even if Whack lands, you still need a lucky RNG roll to actually get anything out of it. 19: マホトーン Mahotoon: StopSpell: Fizzle: 3: Try to block the enemies' spell. Hello everyone. Well...at least it’s good on WarioWare.

I feel sorry for that Dark Samus that got KO’d by Zelda’s Final Smash when it clearly should’ve been me. Kaclang is learned by the Hero at level 12. I usually just walk up, hit a taunt/stand there for a bit and then charge a smash attack. ), It is worth mentioning in theory that if you do use heal twice in the same stock you effectively remove it from your spells to gain a “better” spell pool. Hero’s crits also do not suffer a damage reduction against frozen enemies, and frozen opponents can still be KO’ed by Whack and Thwack, so feel free to go all out with whatever punish you like. Welcome to C-tier, my old friend. It costs 6 MP. The passive spells are simply better than most of the projectiles to begin with, and bounce is the best passive.

Press J to jump to the feed. Whack has tons of startup, travels slowly, and is relatively narrow in reach. Hello everyone. Ultimate. Oomph is a great choice against opponents at low percents, but when their damage starts to get high, Psyche Up is generally the better option. It's awful. He needs it for just about anything meaningful he can do in a game, regardless of whether it is competitive or not. I have successfully gotten a productive or even damaging magic burst off three whole times and I play hero online with my friends a lot.

The Hero will learn Kaclang after purchasing the spell for 12 points in his Luminary skill tree. Kamikazee - If you’re low on MP and at high percent, then by all means, pick Kamikazee. Add to that the slow speed of the projectile and the fact that thwack only hits tight next to you, and it starts feeling pretty lackluster. It has the highest action priority in the game, being cast before all other actions. Kaclang: 6: Makes The Hero immune to all enemy attacks for a short period of time.

2 2 Town Hero Disruptive Wave: 8 All enemies A brilliant wave that eliminates magical effects from all enemies. All you have to do is look up the frame data and see that after around 5 seconds you have 29 frames to punish the move so you start charging a smash attack after a few seconds of seeing Kaclang and then just let go on reaction. It also has slightly less range, and only does as much damage as a single Zap. As such, if you count Whack/Thwack the same, that will give Hero 20 spells to work with, with four in each tier. I have also broken up Bang/Kaboom and Sizz/Sizzle, due to their vastly different levels of impact on the game. It also vastly improves his recovery, in addition to the immense boost of speed that he receives making him faster than both Sonic and Shulk. This mechanic is of course paired with his down-special move, Command Selection, which has a wide range of spells to choose from. It’s a tremendously risky move, and is just as likely to give you something bad instead of something good.

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