why is kangaskhan born with a baby

Kangaskhan is a large, bipedal Pokémon that vaguely resembles a kangaroo. You can be wandering around with nothing in your party but a Kangaskhan egg and, say, a Magcargo, and when the egg hatches, you’ll still get a complete set of Kangaskhan + baby (in the anime, on the other hand, there’s nothing all that unusual about seeing a Kangaskhan without a baby, so there’s nothing that needs to be explained anyway).

But really, when it comes down to it we are taking the word of professors who can’t even tell whether we are a boy or a girl, so can we really rely on what they ‘see’ anyway? There's no pre-programmed level for them to do so, and even if they did, wouldn't that be an evolution, even though Kangaskhan aren't supposed evolve? He described the spot on newborns, saying he had seen it often when the infants were presented naked for baptism. [28], A study performed in hospitals of Mexico City reported that, on average, 51.8% of Mexican newborns presented slate grey nevus, while it was absent on 48.2% of the analyzed babies. This occurs because enzymes function at different ideal temperatures, and since enzymes are the magic behind biochemistry, the enzymatic patterns determines the expression levels of the sex determining factors. He cites A. F. Chamberlain (Pigmentary Spots, American Anthropologist, 1902,) and Starr (Sacral Spots of Mayan Indians, Science, New Series, xvii., 1903). There's some theory on how Cubone is a baby Kangaskhan whose mother died and later evolves into a Marowak. Since baby evolution is based on happiness and not experience, one could easily evolve before the other. Your theory makes a lot of sense except that you have to breed Kangashkan with another Pokemon to get the egg. As your baby grows into childhood, much of that cartilage will be replaced by actual bone. If the baby was its pre-evolution, it wouldn't be the same. There are epaulette-like growths over its shoulders and a row of spikes down its back. When will they turn into the 'bigger', 'grown up' Kangaskhan? Reasons for Crying; When to Call Your Doctor; Newborns usually spend 2 to 3 hours a day crying. [6][14][15][16], They occur in around 80%[17] of Asians, and 80%[17] to 85% of Native American infants.

In humans, sex is determined but the type of allosomes (a fancy word for sex chromosomes) one possesses. Have you accepted the Kangashkan-Cubone theory because you simply deemed this as biologically impossible? Q&A. Possibility #2: The parent is so overly protective that the babies are literally unable to fight until they're adults themselves. Does an evolved Pokemon do better than it's pre-evolved form. Zapmolcuno PokéManiac It could be a new Pokemon, but it isn't. In 1883, it was described and named after Mongolians by Erwin Bälz, a German anthropologist based in Japan, who erroneously believed it to be most prevalent among his Mongolian patients. Bartels ("The So-Called 'Mongolian' Spots on Infants of Esquimaux," Ethnologic Review, 1903) received letters regarding it from East Greenland and also from Esquimaux of Alaska.

However, Khan has some reptilian cousins (Tyranitar, Rampardos), which may mean they most likely both share a reptilian common ancestor for her to retain these genes from. It disappears in the tenth month. [30], Highland Peruvians have the slate grey nevus.[31]. Gessain claimed that the spot was first observed amongst the Inuit. Korean mythology explains the nevus as a bruise formed when Samshin halmi (Korean: 삼신할미), a shaman spirit to whom people pray around childbirth, slapped the baby's behind to hasten the baby to quickly get out from his or her mother's womb.

[20], Since the last century, extensive research has been made regarding the prevalence of said spot in populations of mixed European-Amerindian ancestry. The baby Kangaskhan also has two "ears" which look notably similar to the protrusions found on the skull Cubone wears. Alternatively, she allows the development of the embryos, but bundles the babies up in a ‘egg’ if she is already keeping one in her pouch. While a small portion of people, wrongfully, believe it happens when the doctor is slapping the baby's backside to make it cry. In this Article In this Article In this Article. As everybody is aware, Kangaskhan poses many problems to Pokéscience. Most animals have to develop a certain amount of sexual maturity to lay eggs, but Aphids are actually born pregnant and give birth to live young much like all mammals. The “Science” of Grass Types – Are they really grass? Slate grey nevus (congenital dermal melanocytosis, Mongolian spot) is a benign, flat, congenital birthmark, with wavy borders and an irregular shape. Hm.. The X chromosome does not have the SRY gene so no male development occurs. Who knows, maybe it is a combination of the two? because it would be a baby Pokemon, Pokemaster I thought about changing the title ^^, Lol I knew you'd sweep us away with your awesome answer marz xD very nice +1. Is there a Pokemon with a pre-evolution move that its pre-evolution(s) doesn't learn by level up or egg? Some people believe that gamefreak originally intended for Kangaskhan to be the final evolution of cubone/marowak, but didn't end up fully implementing it for some reason, even though there is code for marowak evolving into another pokemon. The number one thing that is of great concern is how Kangaskhan is born with a baby Kangaskhan already in her pouch. This mite has predominantly female eggs, but in a peculiar way. It is much more difficult to explain how Tauros or Mr. like burmy, maybe they're like tribbles, born pregnant. Some women fared very well under Genghis Khan while others suffered terribly. It would actually make more sense that this baby Kangaskhan was a Baby Pokemon, but since that concept wasn't introduced until Gen II, Kangaskhan became a single evolution Pokemon, and remained as such because suddenly renaming a Pokemon's previous 'baby' form would probably seem strange... Game Freak logic Thats all I can say.There are just some things that make no sense with Game Freak.Like Mr.Mime can be female as well.with ''Mr. If this is the case, then the egg cradle actually holds twin Khans, but only one evolves upon ‘hatching’. Mittheil.d.deusch Gesell.f.Natur-u-Voelkerheilkunde Ostasiens. Notify me about new: Guides. Do pre-evolution Pokemon EVs affect the evolved Pokemon? Thank you for your comment :) Someone pointed this out before so perhaps I should add it on to the blog, but this was my original response: Well, actually, although Aphids can reproduce asexually, they can also reproduce sexually as well. Mine were bred before Ditto. [6], Male and female infants are equally predisposed to slate grey nevus. So it’s likely that Kangaskan just breed with male Pokémon in the monster egg-group, which results in a baby Kangaskan. like espurr. Why Is My Baby Crying? In 1953 Dr Saxtorph, medical advisor to the Greenland department (part of the Danish government), wrote that the Greenlanders do not like outsiders to see or discuss these birthmarks; "they doubtless feel as a reminiscence of the time when they lived on a low cultural level". For example, there is a female only species of lizards called Whiptail Lizards.

An explanation of how she breeds without a ditto or male Kangaskhan is really quite simple. I figured out how to get the male Kangaskhan... Pokemon Black Version DS. Alternatively, sex could be determined in the same manner as the disgusting little insect called the false spider mite. Does the pokemon company have a building or anything like that in canada. The mulberry colored spot is very well known in Afro-Brazilians. Your thoughts. [36], In Spanish it is called mancha mongólica and mancha de Baelz (see Erwin Bälz). According to almost every Pokedex entry, anime episode and pretty much everyone in the world, Kangaskhan is baby Kangaskhan’s mother. With haploid sex determination, no fertilization is needed to produce offspring. It’s… an interesting idea; the trouble is that, in the games, there doesn’t actually need to be another Kangaskhan present in order for an egg to hatch. It'd also be illogical if it its baby was its pre-evolution and it carried it in its pouch.

Pokemon is a truly amazing universe and Science is even more so. When two different species of Pokémon breed, the offspring is always of the mother’s species, except in the case of Ditto where it’s the non-Ditto parent. (1885) Baelz.E. I did not know this.

Infants may be born with one or more slate grey nevus ranging from small area on the buttocks to a larger area on the back. As a congenital benign nevus, Mongolian spots do not require treatment and in most cases disappear before adolescence. The second question, how nobody has seen a baby Khan evolves into an adult Khan, could be based on the protectiveness of the Mother while the baby evolves. ( Log Out /  This usually occurs in reptiles, but Kangaskhan is a mammal. However, there is still some logical explanation available.

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