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How Bespoke Furniture Can Upgrade Your Storage Solutions

Is your home feeling submerged by an increasing accumulation of possessions? Are you struggling to keep your office neat and tidy? At James Fuller Joinery, we provide bespoke joinery services that optimise interior storage needs. From walk-in wardrobes in a family home to fitted bookcases in a commercial property, we turn dead space into functional, aesthetically pleasing statement pieces. Our bespoke furniture not only offers practical rewards, but it also has the quality and strength to become a worthy long-term investment.

Our company creates made-to-measure wardrobes, units, cabinets and more for domestic and commercial property owners in Oxshott. We also can’t be beaten for stunning handmade kitchens. 

Most buildings, be they in Surrey or anywhere else in the UK, have odd angles and shapes. These prove especially annoying when it comes to furniture placement. However, these awkward spaces often make ideal places for storage.

Generally speaking, UK homes and workplaces don’t have much in-built storage space. Bespoke joinery opens an array of possibilities in this regard.

4 Ways Bespoke Furniture Optimises Storage

Made-to-Measure Wardrobes

Along with your bed, your wardrobe is one of the most dominant features in your bedroom. Despite their size, however, standard-sized options don’t always make the most efficient use of space. But you can’t say the same about fitted wardrobes.

Yes, we manufacture them to fit perfectly into a designated area, and this achieves a great aesthetic. But we also customise the interior, ensuring we use every inch for practical storage. Shelves, rails, racks, drawers, pull-out features – we tailor hinged and walk-in wardrobes to your exact needs. With more storage space, you’ll have a less cluttered bedroom.


Whether you’re in Oxshott or the neighbouring areas, bookshelves are a staple of every home. With their practicality and simple style, they are never out of place. However, when you take the bespoke joinery route, you avoid one of the main drawbacks of mass-produced bookcases: dead space – be it above, below or to the side.

Much like handmade kitchens and made-to-measure wardrobes, fitted bookcases slot into your chosen area with millimetre-precision. Floor-to-ceiling designs can help you make the most of even the smallest nook or corner. With shelves, drawers, cabinets and custom fittings, you have virtually endless storage possibilities – as well as a tidier home.

Entertainment Centres

While the days of countless DVDs, CDs and computer games are on the wane, there’s still plenty of technology to store in a modern house. TVs are only getting bigger, and then you have set-top boxes, media players, games consoles and all their associated cables.

Custom media units are among the most popular kinds of bespoke furniture we create for homeowners in and around Oxshott. These installations give all your devices a home and, more importantly, help to create a neat, clean and modern finish for the living room. Of course, if you still prefer physical media, you will have plenty of space to store it in.

Office Desks

For millions of professionals, working from home has become the new normal. Whether it’s a permanent switch or you’re splitting time between home and the office, having a functional office desk is a must. Our team can even work around limited space with impressive results.

With at least one computer, multiple notepads, folders and an array of stationary, your work-related tools soon mount up. As you would expect from bespoke furniture, we design and craft desks capable of storing whatever you need them too. With innovative shelving and drawers, we can accommodate you and your job.

From handmade kitchens to made-to-measure wardrobes (including walk-in wardrobes), you can rely on our bespoke joinery services to optimise your storage with style.

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