Made-to-Measure Wardrobes
in Oxshott, Cobham and the Surrounding Areas | Hinged and Walk-In Wardrobes

When you picture your dream bedroom, does it have made-to-measure wardrobes? Only a handful of features make or break a bedroom, and your storage solution is one of them. As typically floor-to-ceiling installations, your wardrobe dominates this space visually. As such, its aesthetic sets the tone an overall design scheme for the room. But wardrobes with optimal functionality also ensure your bedroom stays free of clutter. A clean, tidy space is vital in creating a peaceful sanctuary that promotes good sleep and relaxation.

The only way to ensure wardrobes with tailored functionality, a custom finish and the perfect fit is with bespoke joinery. As specialists in bespoke furniture, James Fuller Joinery crafts hinged and walk-in wardrobes for homeowners across Surrey, from Cobham to Weybridge, and Guildford to Oxshott.

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Why Upgrade to Fitted Wardrobes?

With multiple benefits in the short- and long-term, made-to-measure wardrobes make a fantastic investment in your property.

  • The Perfect Fit – Like all bespoke furniture, we tailor your wardrobe to fit snugly into a specific space, even those with odd angles and dimensions
  • Efficient Use of Space – Unlike standard-sized options, our wardrobes make use of every available inch, giving you more storage space and a neater finish
  • Custom Aesthetics – Bespoke joinery gives you full control over your wardrobe’s appearance. This includes polished, sprayed and hand-painted finishes
  • Designed to Fit More – We design hinged and walk-in wardrobes around you and your bedroom. The interior has innovative storage with no wasted space
  • Built to Last – With the combination of premium materials and time-served craftmanship, we create wardrobes that stand the test of time
  • Clutter-Free Rooms – With more storage space comes less clutter. Numerous studies indicate that clean, tidy bedrooms are key to a better night’s sleep

James Fuller Joinery can also add in-built lighting as part of your bespoke wardrobe design.

To discuss made-to-measure wardrobes in more detail, call us on 07719 065 020 to schedule an initial consultation at your home.

Finding Your Ideal Wardrobe

As a specialist in bespoke furniture, James Fuller Joinery designs and builds wardrobes to suit any specification. Chief among these are hinged and walk-in wardrobes.

Hinged Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes with doors deliver timeless, sophisticated style. Our joiners can accommodate traditional or modern aesthetics into your design. With a range of different finishes, we can create a wardrobe that matches with existing furniture or a colour scheme. Our team can also add traditional mouldings or keep it simple for a sleek look.

We use high quality ironmongery that stands the test of time. For a traditional aesthetic, we use butt hinges, but we also often fit soft-close hinges.

Most common is the traditional shaker design, spray finished. If you want a more modern style, we can use a flat panel door, inlaying wood for the handles.

Because you can fully open the doors, you have access to all parts of the wardrobe at any one time. With a customisable interior too, it’s always easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Walk-In Wardrobes

With a reputation for class, style and luxury, walk-in designs hold huge appeal with homeowners in Cobham, Oxshott and the wider Surrey area. From a compact corner closet to a spacious storage solution, you can rely on our team to make use of every available inch.

As you would expect from bespoke joinery specialists, we consider your current bedroom design scheme, the size and content of your wardrobe as well as any accessory collections you may have.

With so much space to work with, these made-to-measure wardrobes provide unrivalled organisation. Whether you have knitwear that needs folding, smart garments that require hanging or mostly casual clothing, our team finds the perfect configuration for your wardrobe’s interior.

Design options for walk-in wardrobes are all-but endless. We can even integrate doors if you wish. However, most people prefer to show off the rich woods we provide.

Some of the most popular internal organisation features for walk-in and hinged wardrobes include:

  • Internal Drawers
  • Trouser Racks
  • Shoe Racks
  • Wire Baskets
  • Tie and Belt Racks
  • Pull-down Hanging Rails

Visit the Bespoke Furniture page to find out more about our wider range of tailor-made options.

Call 07719 065 020 to discuss made-to-measure wardrobes in Cobham, Oxshott and the wider London and Surrey areas. Our bespoke range includes hinged and walk-in wardrobes.